Non-Woven Industrial Fabrics Factory Company

  • Jubail 31961 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • +966 13 3674340 / 3674342

Non-Woven Industrial Fabrics Factory Company

Welcome to the Enterprising world of Texofib.

We are the company, with capabilities to produce Staple Fibers and Needle-Punched Geotextiles. Our manufacturing plant facilities are based in the Royal Commission Industrial Area, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. TexoFib present the best quality, functionality and technical know how with the dedicated team of professionals we are setting up new tradition of excellence in Geotextiles and Staple Fiber Industry. We are committed to providing value-added products and services to our clients and maximizing the satisfaction by continuous improvement through our customized solutions. TexoFib is all about the quality, innovation and value added technical services.

We are equipped with state of the art production technology and the world best R&D facilities to produce superior quality products. We are the only one in region with dual polymers capability and hence can offer the best suitable solutions. We are located in the hub for polymers and can ensure non-stop supplies from our continuous operations. We have setup a global sales network with the aid of international institutional buyers and are in best position to offer up-to-date solutions.

Our Objective

To meet our client needs in a timely, professional and cost effective way. We respect client trust when they invite us into their project. We put our expertise and services at work and our reputation at stake to ensure that we will exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Excellence

We are passionate about the products and services we represent. Our overriding objective is to please our clients, with our reward being their success. Competence and professional excellence is our ongoing standard.

Our Vision

To provide leading edge customized technical solutions through Geotextiles and Fibers that contributes to the exact needs of our customers while maintaining a leading position of excellence in every sector of Geo synthetics.

Our Philosophy

TexoFib bases entire business philosophy on providing value to its customers in terms of quality, functionality and innovation. We are focused on continuous improvement through better technical solutions to deliver increased value over the long term relationship.

“We are equipped with state of the art production technology and the world best R&D facilities to produce superior quality products.”