Typical applications include: shorelines, slope protection, rivers, water channels, coastline protection, shore protection, bridges and embankments.

  • Paved primary and secondary roads
  • Unpaved roads (industrial or private access roads, forest operations anddetours)
  • Airport runways
  • Parking areas
  • Industrial courtyards etc.

texofib erosion control geotextile


The basic function of TexoFib Geotextile in erosion control structures is filtration to curtail erosion of subsoil under the armour, rip-rap, gabions or pre-cast blocks. These structures mostly have an exterior protective and resistant layer to absorb forces of water and wind, and an interior protection layer, a geotextile to minimize underneath soil erosion. Here geotextile layer has dual role: on one hand, it needs to be fine enough to contain the bank soil, and, on the other hand, to be permeable enough to prevent the maximum differential pressure between the bank and the water levels.


  • Non-woven fiber structure perfectly counter erosion of subgrade soil
  • Compact and continuous filter.
  • Equally good drainage characteristics
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Durable and strong structure
  • Customized and better quality construction
  • Easy Installation
  • Resistance to rot, microorganisms and chemicals