TexoFib Geotextile is efficiently used in construction and maintenance of:

  • Paved primary and secondary roads.
  • Unpaved roads (industrial or private access roads, forest operations and detours).
  • Airport runways.
  • Parking areas.
  • Industrial courtyards.


The primary function of Geotextile is the separation between the gravel and the sub-grade soil. Without proper separation, gravel progressively keeps on penetrating into the sub-soil and on the other hand due to pumping effect from traffic loads and vibrations, soil migrate into the gravel. This inter-mixing result in a subsequent loss in gravel designed thickness and load-bearing capacity.

All these conditions destroy the roads base structure and end up with unexpected road failure. When TexoFib Geotextile is applied under the layers of the new pavement, it becomes a vital part of the road section, forming a barrier against water penetration from the cracks on the old surface. Added reinforcement in the road structure is beneficial for delay and reduction of reflection and fatigue cracks on the new surface.


TexoFib Geotextile laid between the underground and the base / sub-base foundation leads to numerous advantages, such as:

  • It prevents the contamination of sub-base and base levels with fine particles / small material.
  • It enables the use of free drainage and open filtration materials, structurally more efficient.
  • Facilitate flow through drainage systems and landfill layers.
  • It increases road drainage.
  • It reduces the depth of excavations necessary for the removal of improper materials from the underground.
  • It saves weather-caused interruptions as work can be performed in nearly any weather conditions.
  • It expands the life of pavement structures.
  • It reduces maintenance and repair costs.
texofib geotextiles in road construction