TexoFib Geotextile is used in roofing system, to provide protection and separation layer for both Thermal insulation, from puncture damage by the gravel and roofing tiles and the Waterproofing membrane, from being damaged by the friction effect due to their direct contact with thermal insulation boards.


  • Protection and separation layer for thermal insulation.
  • Protection layer for waterproofing materials.
  • Roofing and Re-Roofing (inverted roofing system)
texofib roofing


TexoFib Geotextile contribute in multiple ways to the preservation and life extension of railroads. As a separator, maintain the designed thickness and integrity of the base and granular layers. Without geotextile layer, track structural strength and drainage capacity are reduced due to sub-soil penetration into the ballast layers. As drainage and filtration media, the TexoFib Geotextile maintain water flow through the sub-grade layers and avoids track deformation due to water accumulation. TexoFib Geotextile also enhance stress bearing capacity of the complete structure by even load distribution.