TexoFib products are used for separation in landscape preservation application. Silt fences are used in any site that can potentially lead to earth sediment flow in storm water.


TexoFib Geotextile is applied for weed control in landscapes and under the decks, for soil retention behind the retaining walls and in planter pots, for underground drainage systems and as separation layer under walkways. Wherever surface soil is exposed to storm water erosion and ends up forming overland flows. TexoFib Geotextile silt fences are installed to contain sediment flow.


TexoFib Geotextile acts as a weed-barrier while allowing water and nutrients to reach to the plant roots. In case of slit fences, TexoFib Geotextile provide an economical environmental protection. Geotextile filter and control overland flow, containing silt and allowing water to flow though the fabric. For these applications TexoFib Geotextile is made of needle-punched fibers treated to be UV-resistant.

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