TexoFib Geotextile is used for:

  • Water evacuation channels
  • Sub drains
  • Septic systems
  • Interception drains
  • Pavement edge drains
  • Drains for walls
  • Drains for embankments
  • Sports field drains
texofib drainage geotextile application


Enable liquids to flow through granular soil or perforated pipe given the durability of the drainage system design. TexoFib Geotextile contain upstream fine soil particles and prevent their migration or their flowing through the pipes into the drainage system. Customized fabric with fine openings size prevent excessive migration of soil and maximum permeability allows liquids to pass through it without significant reduction in flow. Nonwoven fiber structure has maximum number of pores, if soil particles block or clog a few openings, still the flow through the geotextile fabric will be greater than the required system permeability. TexoFib Geotextile fabric is produced with excellent strength, chemical and environmental resistance, to prevent it from becoming damaged during installation and ensure long-term operational life of the drainage system.


In comparison with conventional drains, Texofib Geotextiles provide more advantages, ensuring:

  • Compact and continuous filter.
  • Reduced excavation.
  • Simplified and better quality construction.
  • Reduced construction time.
  • A substantial reduction as to the cost of the