TexoGCL is a reinforced needle-punched Geo-synthetics clay liner that consists of a uniform layer of natural granular sodium bentonite encapsulated between a woven/nonwoven geotextile. These products are used for moderate -to-steep slopes and moderate- to high-load applications, where increased internal shear strength is required, primary or secondary containment in composite landfill cells and closures , mining leach pads, tailing impoundments and reclamations, along with composite liners for ponds and lagoons .

Features Of TexoGCL

Roll Width 3-6 meters
Provides additional airspace and reduction of carbon footprint
High internal and interface shear strength for slope stability
Natural sodium bentonite is self- healing and self- sealing.


TexoFib Geotextile acts as a reinforcement element within a soil mass or in combination with the soil to produce a composite that has improved strength and deformation properties over the unreinforced soil. TexoFib Geotextiles are used to add tensile strength to a soil mass in order to create vertical or near vertical reinforced soil walls and steep slopes.


TexoFib Geotextile acts as a drain to carry fluid flows through less permeable soils or construction structures. TexoFib Geotextiles are used to dissipate pore water pressures at the base of roadway embankments. The use of Geotextiles in drainage systems ensures an ongoing drainage of fluids with minimum pressure loss by flowing in-plane of the fabric away from the construction.


Due to excellent  static puncture resistance, TexoFib Geotextiles protect waterproof  membranes and other sealing materials from puncture when fill material and loads are applied. When placed between sealing materials and other layers, TexoFib Geotextiles and resists and distributes local pressure from the layer above, ensuring that the protected material is not stressed to failure.